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In SCANeR, every test case has to be created as a Scenario. Each Scenario takes place on a specific Terrain and involves different Actors . In this section, you will create your first Scenario.

Step 1. Create the scenario
  1. Create a new Scenario by clicking on File\New Scenario in SCANeR SCENARIO mode


     2. Select the Terrain on which you want your Scenario to take place. In my case, I’m choosing the Terrain I created in the previous step.


Don’t worry, you can always change the Terrain by right clicking on Ground in the parameters and clicking on Change Terrain

Step 2. Populate the scenario
  1. Choose the EGO vehicle of your scenario. This will be the vehicle on which the VISUAL module will be focused. Once you have chosen, you can simply drag and drop the vehicle from the resources to the terrain at the location you want.



The type of vehicle here is a CALLAS vehicle. This is a vehicle that has a full vehicle dynamics. There are other types of vehicles, and they are all in the resources.

     2. Add other actors to your scenario. You can add Cars, Pedestrians, Trucks, Buses, Motorcycles, and many more. Here is the result I get with my Scenario:


If a vehicle’s behavior does not correspond to what you need, you can always edit the instance in your Scenario, by right clicking on the vehicle in the scenario inspector, and choosing Edit instance... . You can then change every parameter for this vehicle’s instance.

Congratulations! You have created your first Scenario👍

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