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So you want to accelerate and secure the development of tomorrow’s mobility solutions? Downloading SCANeR is the first step to achieving this goal.

The Trial version gives you access to all software Packs including Foundation, AD/ADAS, Headlights, Massive Simulation, etc.

With this Trial version, you get access to SCANeR studio (included in the Foundation Pack), SCANeR explore and SCANeR compute (both included in the Massive simulation Pack).

After installing the Trial, the software can be used for up to 45 days.


The Trial version of SCANeR studio is intended for workstations without a prior SCANeR installation. Windows remote desktop and multi-computer configurations are not compatible with this version.

This guide explains how to download the Trial version of SCANeR:

Step 1. Request a Trial version
  1. You can request your Trial version of SCANeR here: Request a Trial

You can also request a trial for our other tools: NCAP & Regulation scenarios, Physics Based Sensors, etc.: Ask us

Simply enter your information, click on SEND and you are ready to move to the next step:

Upon receiving your request, an AVSimulation sales excecutive will send you an email with the link to download the SCANeR Trial version within 48 hours. When you receive this email, go to step 2.

Step 2. Receive a download link
  1. Open your favorite mail service, you should have received an email from an AVSimulation sales excecutive within 48 hours.


    2. Click on the first download link and click on Download on the file transfer website

You have one week to use this link to download the Trial before it expires.

    3. The download begins! 


Step 3. Install the Trial version

To install SCANeR, follow the instructions in the following guide: Install SCANeR

Should you have any technical questions, please feel free to contact our technical support at We will be happy to provide you with additional demo content, technical insight, and if you need, an extension of the Trial!

Install SCANeR

Need more help? Contact AVSimulation Support and find the best support option.


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