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Are you looking for pre-built scenarios for your test case? Or trying to learn more about SCANeR features?

This guide will explain how to find and open a delivered scenario

Step 1. Access the DEFAULT scenarios

Click on FILE\Open Scenario... in the menu

Step 2. Open your preferred scenario

Select the Studio_LakeCityHeavyTraffic scenario and click on OK

If you cannot see the DEFAULT folder in the in the file tree, uncolpase the SCANeRstudio Application tree 😉.

You’ll get the following result 😊

You’re all set and ready to run your first simulation 👍🏻

Tip: to have a quick overview of the scenario storyboard and required modules, you can edit the ‘Simulation’ parameter by double clicking on it. You’ll get the following information

Run a simulation

Need more help? Contact AVSimulation Support and find the best support option.


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