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In SCANeR, a simulation is composed of actors (e.g. cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, pedestrians, etc…) performing actions according to a scenario that has been created by the user. Depending on the way you configure these actors, the simulation might not produce the same results each time. This is why we developed the Record module. This module, as its name implies, will record your simulation, and you will be able to replay it and extract data from the recording itself.

With the Analyzing Tool, you will be able to create your own graphs, to correlate the exact data you want. But this will be for another guide that is coming soon 😉.

In this guide, I will explain how to record a simulation and replay it.

Step 1. Add the Record module to your configuration and record a simulation
  1. Open SCANeR studio and select SIMULATION mode.


      2. Open the CONFIGURATION MANAGER and click on Add process. Search for the RECORDER module and add it to the configuration.


      3. Open a scenario, and start the RECORDER module by double clicking on it (in the screenshot it appears as ‘RECORD’). You can now play the simulation, and it will be recorded.


Step 2. Replay the simulation
  1. Open ANALYSIS mode.


      2. In this mode, you will see the list of recorded simulations for the current configuration. Double click on the recording you want to replay.


    3. You can now click on the Play button. The recording will be played exactly according to the simulation.


     4.  You can use the slider on the top of the window to control the moment you want to analyze. You can also use the graphs to control the replay, by simply holding right click on the graph and sliding to the relevant value. In the next step we will see how to create the graph and export it.

Step 3. Export a graph to a CSV file.
  1. Create a new graph by going in the GRAPH menu and selecting New graph.


     2.  A window will appear and you will be able to select the data you want to visualize. In my case, I am going to extract the speed of the vehicle being tested. You can find this data under Dynamic->Speed and you have to choose the axis. When you click on OK the graph will appear in the analyzing tool and you will be able to move and rescale the windows.


      3.  In order to export the graph you have to select its window, and in the GRAPH menu select Current graph->Export to CSV.


Congratulations! You now know how to record a simulation, replay it, and export data from it! 👍

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