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This is a description and user manual of the sample included in the Samples Pack.



“Scenario Importer” is a feature of SCANeR that allows simulated vehicles to follow exactly recorded trajectories.

In the User Manual: ScenarioImporter

Scenario importer uses its own data format. Data acquired from measurements or third-party software must be converted.

🚘📈 Real world test📄📄📄 Sensors recordings (CSV, Matlab, Ibeo, …) → Scenario Importer📄 SCANeR Scenario (.sce)

The source data contains the position of one or several vehicles over time.

The positions of the Ego vehicle should be in the geodesic referential. Other objects or vehicles position are in the cartesian referential, relative to the Ego vehicle.

This samples shows an example of formatted import data, and the process to get a scenario file from it.

How to use
  1. In SCANeR studio, load the configuration SAMPLE_2022_VEHICLE_PLAYER (how?).

  2. In SIMULATION mode, open menu TOOLS >ScenarioImporter.

  3. Import scenarioImporter_Example.csv.

CSV / MAT File Path…/SCANeR-Samples-Pack-2022/data/SAMPLE_SCENARIO_IMPORTER/scenario/scenarioImporter_Example.csv
RND / ITN File path…/SCANeR-Samples-Pack-2022/data/SAMPLE_SCENARIO_IMPORTER/terrain/Paris_Champs_Elysees.rnd
Output File nameresult_scenario-importer
Output File typeSce
Time rangeMin: 0, Max: -1


       4. Hit Apply.

       5. Open the newly created scenario menu File > Open Scenario > result_scenario-importer_Sce.sce.

          The scenario shows two vehicles. When the simulation is played, both vehicles will follow the trajectory specified in the CSV.

Go further

  • Learn about the input format: DATA FORMAT.
  • Use ScenarioImporter in command line: Command line.
  • The imported vehicles are driven by Virtual Driver: Virtual driver (automatic).
  • Get the road layout from anywhere on the globe: Importing OpenStreetMap.
  • Import elevation data: Road Surface Import.

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