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SCANeR utilizes two types of licenses:

  • Physical License
  • Software License

The following will explain how to set up your licenses based on the type your SCANeR is using.

Physical License

Physical key (Dongle)  plugged into your computer

For that case, you have a physical dongle and you want to use it on your computer:  

  1. Install SCANeR  → follow the tutorial SCANeR Installation
  2. Plug the dongle on the computer
  3. Configure license access → go to section Configuration of clients  
  4. Your license is ready to use
Physical key (Dongle)  plugged into supervisor computer

For that case, you have a physical dongle(s) intended to be plugged on a machine whose licenses will be accessible by several users:

  1. Install SCANeR → follow the tutorial SCANeR Installation
  2. To ensure that the server is running, you can verify via an internet browser on the following web page: http://localhost:1947
  3. Plug the dongle(s) into the computer intended to be the license server
  4. Configure the license access → go to section Setup SCANeR license server
  5. Your license is ready to use 

Software License

Generate and install a software license

  1.Computer fingerprint recovery

A Software License is generated for a specific computer (based on a computer fingerprint). Once installed, it is no longer possible to migrate it to another computer. We therefore need the fingerprint of your computer in order to produce your license. Please generate the C2V file and send it back to us by following these steps:

  • On the computer where the license will be installed:
    • Download the Vendeur Run Time Environment (RTE) and go to the folder containing it.
    • Run with administrator rights a command prompt and launch the command line :  «haspdinstAVS.exe -i » in order to install it.
    •  Install on the computer the tool : HASPUserSetup.exe
    •  Start the tool : RUS_QAKOG.exe
      • Go to the tab « Collecter le Statut », check « L'installation d'une nouvelle clé de protection »
      • Press the button : Collecter les informations
      • Save the « *.C2V » file [C2V means Client to Vendor]
      • Open the generated file with a text editor and make sure it contains the following lines: <host_fingerprint type="SL-AdminMode"></host_fingerprint> and <host_fingerprint type="SL-UserMode" vendorid="84230" … before sending it to us.
AVSimulation will produce the license based on the collected information and send you the license file as soon as possible.

  2.Application of a SL license

Once you received from AVSimulation the *.V2C file [V2C means Vendor to Client]:
  • In the RUS_QAKOG.exe tool (used previously for the generation of the CV file) :
    • Go to the tab « Apliquer le fichier de licence »
    • Click on "..." button and select the received V2C file
    • Click on "Appliquer la mise à jour"
    • That's it. Your License is available on your licenses server

Setup SCANeR license server

Configuration of server

This section allows you to configure client access to the server

  1. Go to http://localhost:1947/_int_/config_from.html , tab  Access from Remote Clients , section Access Restrictions
  2. Use keywords allow and deny followed by machine IP address or machine name or keyword all to manage access
    On the following screenshot, we allow only 2 accesses, which are the addresses and machine1. Others are denied

Configuration of client

Requirement: having SCANeR installed on client machine → follow the tutorial SCANeR Installation.

This section allows you to configure access to the server on the client machine with  the SCANeRLicMgr tool

  1. Running SCANeRLicMgr (depending on your operating system)
    1. Windows: %STUDIO_PATH%/SCANeRstudio_X/bin/x64/SCANeRLicMgr.exe.
    2. CentOS (Linux): $STUDIO_PATH/SCANeRstudio_X/bin/Linux/centos/<centos_version>/bin/SCANeRLicMgr

    3. Ubuntu (Linux): $STUDIO_PATH/SCANeRstudio_X/bin/Linux/ubuntu/<ubuntu_version>/bin/SCANeRLicMgr

      If you already have SCANeR installed and opened, you can access it: go to Help License Information, and on the new window, at the bottom left-hand corner, click on Configure to open SCANeRLicMgr
  2. At first launch SCANeRLicMgr looks like: 
  3. Give license server IP address or hostname – input field "Servers (IP or hostname)
    • In case your license is on your computer: enter the value "localhost"
    • In case your license is on another machine (license server for example): enter the IP address or the name of the server
  4. Select by default the following options: 
    • Request Log
    • Error Log

               These options will help you to generate logs files that can be used to analyze a possible problem of access to a license. Find the logs files in the same directory as the "License configuration file" specified by the interface.

The following screenshot represents settings for localhost license: 

    5. Save this configuration by clicking on the button  "Install for current User"


  • SCANeRstudio Headless case:

       Being in headless usage you can not open a graphical interface. You will have to edit/create the License configuration file manually. For this, we recommend you to follow the following steps:

  1. Create the License configuration file in the correct directory according to the OS:

    1. Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel LDK\hasp_84230.ini 

    2. Linux: $HOME/.hasplm/hasp_84230.ini
  2. Add the following content to your file hasplm.ini:

  3. Replace <serverAdress> with the address of your server (refer to the chapter: Configuration of client) and save the file.

SCANeR license update

License Update

Important notes

  • Updates are incremental, all delivered updates must be applied.
  • The dongle update procedure is similar for either the Physical or Software license.
  • Installation of a dongle update on a machine where SCANeR is installed does not necessitate an internet connection.
  • For Physical dongles only :
    • We recommend applying a dongle update on a computer with SCANeR installed.
    • If you need to apply a dongle update from a computer where SCANeR is not installed, ensure beforehand that the dongle’s driver is installed.
    • To do so, access the SACC (Sentinal Admin Control Center) on the computer via : http://localhost:1947
    • If you cannot access the SACC, then the dongle’s driver must be installed on the computer beforehand (administrator privileges are required). Click here to download the driver for the Physical dongle.
  • For Software license only:
    • The license update procedure must be followed on the software licenses server where the software license has been installed.

License update installation steps

    1- Please read carefully the Important notes cited before.

    2- Open the SACC: http://localhost:1947 

    3- Go to menu “Update/Attach”, click on the “Select File...” button and then upload the received *.V2C file.

    4-  Click on the “Apply File” button


You have finalized the license access configuration.

You are now ready to start your simulations with SCANeR !

If you have encountered any troubles following this tutorial or any further questions, contact the SCANeR support team via the Support Portal

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