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SCANeR is dedicated to multi-computer simulation and also for single-computer simulations.

  1. In both cases, install SCANeR on the main computer. Ensure that your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements.

    Minimal (for old systems)Recommended (for new systems)

    Central Processing Unit (CPU)

    Intel Gen 6 or equivalent (Core i7-6800K)

    Intel Core i7 13700K / i9 13900K

    Intel Xeon E/W

    AMD Ryzen 7 7800X / Ryzen 9 7900X

    AMD ThreadRipper Pro 5955WX


    16 GB

    64 GB 


    1 GBps

    1 GBps

    HDD(supervisor PC)

    500 GB

    500 GB SSD (>=1TB SSD for supervisor)

    Graphic Board(Visual PC)

    Quadro P5000 / GeForce GTX 1080

    High End NVIDIA 
    QuadroRTX A5000/RTX A6000 

    GeForce RTX 4080/RTX 4090

    Sound card(sound PC)

    5.1 Dedicated PCIe (only for sound PC)


    Windows 10, 64bits

    Windows 10, 64bits (22H2)

    Monitor’s resolutions

    Full HD (1920×1080)

    4K (3840×2160)

  2. If you are planning on a multi-computer setup for SCANeR, administrator privileges are needed to install the Network installer on each secondary computer (documented in SCANeR's documentation)

SCANeR Installation


You have finished the installation of SCANeR .

If you have encountered any issues during the tutorial or for any other related question, contact us via our  SCANeR support portal.

If you do not yet have an account on our support portal, follow the steps on creating a new account here : Customer portal account creation

 First Launch

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