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SCANeR Quick Starts

Resources to discover SCANeR

Welcome to the SCANeR Quick Starts page. Here you will find the resources to get started with the SCANeR software: advice, best practices, tips and tricks... Follow the guide we'll accompany you step by step.

Everything described here can be done with the evaluation version of SCANeR. If you have not already done so, use the following link to request a copy: Get a Trial version

If you want to go further with SCANeR, register for one of our online technical events.
They are 45 minutes long, hosted by our engineers, cover a wide range of topics (…) and are available on our YouTube channel.

To accelerate and secure the beginning of your project we offer on demand “Startup assistance” and/or “Training” services.
Thanks to these you will benefit of a real transfer of skills and support that guarantees your ability to implement, from the beginning, good practices and good architecture setup.

Find more information on: Startup assistance and Trainings


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You’ve been working with SCANeR and want to know how to switch between SCANeR workspaces? Check out these links.



SCANeR Samples Pack

The Samples-Pack contains ready-to-use SCANeR configurations. Created by our engineers, it is a great source of inspiration and an opportunity to study best practices. Avoid the anxiety of a blank page and use these examples as starting points for your own projects.

Get the samples pack on Github: AVSimulation/SCANeR-Samples-Pack.

If you would like to see new demonstrations added to the Samples-Pack please contact us or open a request on GitHub. We may have some scenarios that we can share, or we may take your comments into account in the next revision of the SCANeR Samples-Pack

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Having trouble? Reach out to us for technical support.

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